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Roggen Roll-Frühstücksfragen mit The Boxer Rebellion

Dienstag, März 31st, 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 2. April, spielen The Boxer Rebellion aus London im Hamburger Headcrash. Todd, der Gitarrist der Band, hat dem Toast vorher einige Roggen Roll Frühstücksfragen beantwortet:

You just released your album “Union”. How would you describe your music to a bunch of sleepyheads, who hasn’t heard your music before?

Its music to wake up to! I can’t really describe our music without fear of it sounding prog, which it certainly is not.

Do you like music in the morning? What do you prefer?
I used to wake up to Frank Zappa every morning. I had a stereo that automatically switched on and started playing a CD, it was pretty cool but i don’t have it anymore. You haven’t lived until you’ve woken up to St Alfonso’s Pancake Breakfast.

The Boxer Rebellion

Have you ever written a song in the morning?

I honestly can’t remember. My wife used to leave the house early for work. I’m sure I used to get up and write. I can’t remember!

How do you write your music? What inspires you?
I take my inspiration from other music, something that more or less gives me an idea, or a starting point rather than an inspiration. It could even be a lyric. I also find abstract expressionism inspires me to write music.

What is your recipe for a breakfast after a gig with too much booze and less sleep? What cheers you up on those mornings?
Bacon and Eggs and a bloody Mary. I’d have that every morning if I could but I’d be dead…

Playlist 31.03.2009

Dienstag, März 31st, 2009

1. Stunde
Vladimir And His Orchestra – Baby Boo Boogaloo
Baby Huey And The Babysitters – Mighty Mighty
Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows – How About It
Marva Whitney – It’s My Thing
James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess
White Lies – Death
Mastodon – Quintessence
Studemont vs Metallica – Levels (Dave Wrangler Remix)
Don Diablo vs De La Soul – Stand Up For Me, Myself And I
Those Dancing Days – Toxic
Devo – Working In A Coalmine

2. Stunde
Micachu – Lips
Kwes – Hearts In Home
Passion Pit – The Reeling
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Emil & Friends Rework)
Emil & Friends – The Shrine
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Boy Division – Transmission (How Many Rhodes Mix) (11.04., Komet)
Italian Secret Service – Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Mojomatics – Askin’ For A Better Circumstance (02.04., Hafenklang)
Scarlet’s Well – Miss Twinkle’s Been On Holiday Again (17.04., Prinzenbar)
The Manhattan Love Suicides – Clusterfuck (18.04., Prinzenbar)
Mi Ami – Echononecho (27.04., Hafenklang)
The Sea – Love Love Love (25.04., Grüner Jäger)

3. Stunde
The Black Box Revelation – Love, Love Is On My Mind (21.04., Molotow)
The Boxer Rebellion – Evacuate (02.04., Headcrash)
Amplify – My Own Way (11.04., Logo)
AC/DC – T.N.T.
Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star
Ecccodek – When The Birds Call
Tim Exile – Listening Tree
Capsula – Magnetic Brain
Crystal Antlers – Dust
Stranger Son Of WB – Mog’s Pill
The Contortionists – Culting
Gun Club – Humanesque
The Fall – What About Us

Vorschau 31.03.2009

Montag, März 30th, 2009

Oje, Sommerzeit, Zeitumstellung. Seufz. Und ich habe keine hungrige Katze zu Hause, die mich weckt… Dafür aber tolle Platten, die ich mitbringen werde. So gibt es eine neue Platte von Boy Division! Die stellen diese Platte übrigens live in einem Konzert vor, am 11.04. im Komet, und der Eintritt ist frei!
Und weitere kostenlose Konzerte gibt es am Dienstag beim Toast, denn es gibt Gästelistenplätze zu verlosen, für The Boxer Rebellion und Amplify!!!

Playlist 24.03.2009

Dienstag, März 24th, 2009

1. Stunde
The Slits – Earthbeat
Liquid Stranger – Familiar And Unknown
Jacques Palminger And The Kings Of Dub Rock – Mishima
Metronomy – Heartbreaker
Inell Young – Next Ball Game
Death Cab For Cutie – You Can Do Better Than Me
The Bishops – Carry On
King Khan & His Shrines – Kukamonga Boogaloo
Primal Scream – The Revenge Of The Hammond Connection
The Magnificent Brotherhood – Cracker (12.04., Headcrash)
The Seeds – Nobody Spoil My Fun
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit – How Much Are They

2. Stunde
Jah Wobble And Bill Laswell – Orion
Neu! – Super
Nick Lowe – Cruel To Be Kind
Eddie Bo – Check Your Bucket Pt1
John Q Irritated – Drop Lame And Useless
Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People – Me n’ Mom
Wire – Mekon Headman (BBC-Session 02.09.2008)
Buffalo Springfield – Mr. Solo
Wire – He Knows
Wire – Our Time
Mad Lads – Get Out of My Life, Woman

3. Stunde
Eh! – Cerca Del Mar
Eh! – Valores Por Retales

     Das Morgenminimixtape, compiliert von Elias Egido von Eh!:
     Electric Masada – Tekufah
     Aloha – Your Eyes
     Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
     Sigur Rós – Alfosskor Song
     NoMeansNo – Slowly Melting

4. Stunde
Standstill – Mathusalem Syndrome
Standstill – Waiting For The Panda
Roy Shiels – Born And Blown Away
The Woodentops – Plenty
Emily Scott – All The Glitters (25.04., Astra-Stube)
The Boxer Rebellion – Forces (02.04., Headcrash)
Cocoanut Grove – The End Of The Summer Of Bookbinder Road (16.04., Prinzenbar)
Kitty Solaris – My Home Is My Disco (27.03., Kukuun)
Diego – September March (26.03., Fundbureau)
Me Succeeds – The Screws Holding It Together (25.03., Grüner Jäger)
Monster Island – Open Collar
Art Brut – Alcoholics Unanimous
Elfred And The Uber Peas – The Dreamer

Vorschau 24.03.2009

Sonntag, März 22nd, 2009

Morgenminimixtape von Eh!

Diesen Dienstag kommt das Morgenminimixtape aus Spanien. Elias Egido von Eh! hat es für den Toast zusammengestellt. Ein ist ein recht langes Mixtape, es läuft über 40 Minuten, es sind aber nur fünf Songs! Elias hat Songs ausgewählt, die ihn als Musiker, und ganz besonders als Bassisten geprägt haben. Im Anschluss an das Mixtape hören wir einiges von Standstill, der Band, in der Elias lange Jahre Bass gespielt hat. Standstill ist eine Postpunkemohardcoreodersoähnlich-Band, die sich im Laufe der Jahre sehr gewandelt und eine sehr interessante Entwicklung genommen hat. Und natürlich hören wir auch wieder was von “36 de 48″, der tollen Platte von Eh!.

Playlist 17.03.2009

Dienstag, März 17th, 2009

1. Stunde
Dadamnphreaknoizphunk feat.Virag – Powerless
Mayer Hawthorne & The County – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out
Wax Tailor feat. Sharon Jones – The Way We Lived
Nino Ferrer – Les Cornichons
Friendly Fires – White Diamonds
Moondog – Down Is Up
DJ Koze vs Sid Le Rok – Naked (DJ Koze Rmx)
Massive Attack – Safe From Harm
Jimi Hendrix – Day Tripper

2. Stunde
Grampall Jookabox – The One Thing
Titus Andronicus – Joset Of Nazareth’s Blues
Lee Rogers – Troubles
The BPA feat. Pete York – Dirty Sheets
The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (23.04., Übel & Gefährlich)
Camera Obscura – French Navy
Kitty Daisy, Lewis – Say You’ll Be Mine
Little Richard – Ooh My Soul
The Jim Jones Revue – Who’s Got Mine (live)
The Jim Jones Revue – 512 (live)
Bunker Hill – The Girl Can’t Dance
The Jim Jones Revue – Rock ‘n’ Roll Psychosis (live)
The Jim Jones Revue – Cement Mixer (live)
The Jim Jones Revue – Princess And The Frog (live)

3. Stunde
Eh! – Azul
Emil & Friends – The Shrine
Röyksopp – Happy Up Here
Me My Head – Night Is On Fire
Super700 – Revolution (23.04., Übel & Gefährlich)
Pere Ubu – Humor Me
Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Trilateral Commission As Dinner Guests
Can – Tape Kebap (Peel Session)
Man Man – Hurly/Burly

4. Stunde
Liger – Dancealot (17.03., Astra Stube)
Alaska – Body Aches (18.03., Grüner Jäger)
Jay Reatard – See Saw (22.03., Molotow)
Wire – One Of Us (22.03., Hafenklang)
Mister Mo Rio – Strange Boy (16.04., Prinzenbar)
Bricolage – The Waltzers (17.04., Prinzenbar)
Say – The Flower Of Life (25.04., Astra-Stube)
Diana Ross – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
The Fall – Hit The North
Ween – Push th’ Little Daisies
Smashing Pumpkins – Try, Try, Try
The Bishops – Wandering By
Eccodek – Silent Song


Sonntag, März 15th, 2009

Möchte jemand eine dieser superniedlichen Anstecknadeln haben? Dann schicke eine Mail an gabi(at), mit dem Betreff “haben wollen!”.

Und nicht die Postanschrift vergessen!

superniedlicher Button

Roggen Roll-Frühstücksfragen mit Roy Shiels

Mittwoch, März 11th, 2009
Roy Shiels, der diese Woche auch das Mixtape zusammengestellt hat, hat dem Toast die Roggen Roll Frühstücksfragen beantwortet:

Who are you and where are you at the moment?
My name is Roy Shiels. I’m a 27 year old singer songwriter & musician from Dublin, Ireland.

Please tell us something about your current work. How would you describe your music?
I write and record alone using a digital ten track recorder. I use acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keys or drums to start an idea and go from there. Lyrics are always the last thing I write and melody is most important to me.

Roy Shiels
Are you an early bird or a morning grouch?
Morning grouch! Stay out of my way in the morning, it’s safer :P I prefer to stay up late and to write in the quiet.

What inspires you to write songs?
Life. Billy Corgan. The Smashing Pumpkins and all other music I love. People in my life. Life experiences.

Do you like music in the morning? What kind of music do you prefer?
Yes. I like alternative music the most though I try to be as eclectic as possible.

Do you have a favourite song to wake up to?

Do you know any music/bands from Germany?
My friend’s band are in Berlin, Germany for the last few years. They’re a reggae/dub band called Unite Tribe but they’re Irish so I don’t think they count as German :P

What is your favourite breakfast, rolls or muesli, coffee or tea or…?
Cereal & toast.

Please tell us something about your future work.
It will be even better than my current work :)

Playlist 10.03.2009

Dienstag, März 10th, 2009

1. Stunde
Daniel Johnston – Some Things Last A Long Time
Burial – Forgive
Gustav – Verlass Die Stadt
Boozoo Bajou – Kinder Ohne Strom
Metronomy – The End Of You Too
Capsula – Magnetic Brain
Cherry But No Cake – Clinging To Human Frailties
Super700 – S.T.T.S.M.C. (Somebody Tries To Steal My Car)
Esser – Satisfied (Mad Professor Dub)
Janet Jackson – Rock With You (Dave Wrangler Remix)
Nightmares On Wax – Flip Ya Lid

2. Stunde
Killing Joke – Wintergardens
Kante – Die Summe der einzelnen Teile
Lars Bang Larsen – Aus dem Leben eines Umzugskartons
Tony Alvon & the Belairs – Sexy Coffee Pot
Young Knives – Counters (BBC-Session 07.05.2008)
Young Knives – Turn Tail
Young Knives – Fit 4 U
Jamo Thomas & His Party Brothers Orchestra – I Spy (For The FBI)
The BPA feat. Martha Wainwright – Spade
Mr Solo – It’s Easy Being Green When You’re Rich
Morrissey – This Charming Man (Live in London, Feb. 2009)

3. Stunde
Roy Shiels – The Fire

       Das Morgenminimixtape, compiliert von Roy Shiels
       Smashing Pumpkins – Set The Ray To Jerry
       Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
       Joy Division – Isolation
       Kings Of Convenience – Toxic Girl
       Anuna – Winter, Fire & Snow

Roy Shiels – Denial
Matthew Dear – Elementary Lover (DJ Koze Remix)
Eccodek – Behind The Mask
Delhi 2 Dublin – Stage 5 (Eccodek’s One Drop Remix)
Billie Holiday – The Man I Love
Cherry But No Cake – Maybe If It Wasn’t Pink
The Wirtschaftswunder – Der Kommissar
The Fall – Jawbone And The Air Rifle (Peel Session, 16.09.1980)

4. Stunde
Shooting Spires – Shootingspires Right (10.03., Astra-Stube)
Messerchups – Cat Mobile (12.03., Fundbureau)
Bonaparte – Blow It Up (14.03., Übel & Gefährlich)
1000 Robota – 1234567 (14.03., Übel & Gefährlich)
The Bishops – If You Leave Today (15.03., Prinzenbar)
The Bishops – City Lights
Radio Burroughs – Polish To The Glasses (15.03., Astra-Stube)
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Private Fortunes (16.03., Übel & Gefährlich)
Jay Reatard – An Ugly Death (22.03., Molotow)
Dan Hartmann – Instant Replay
Me My Head – Night Is On Fire
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Come Saturday
Friendly Rich & Lollipop People – Maybe Tomorrow
Eh! – Lujo Descalzo
Found – Let Fidelity Break
Thieves In Suits – Boy Malicious

Vorschau 10.03.2009

Sonntag, März 8th, 2009

Mixtape von Roy Shiels

Vermutlich wird Roy Shiels, der uns diese Woche das Mixtape zusammengestellt hat, vielen nicht bekannt sein. Das ist schade, denn dieser junge Musiker aus Dublin, 27 Jahre alt ist er, macht beeindruckende Musik. Sein Mixtape ist sehr persönlich geworden, er schreibt über die ausgewählten Songs “they all bring me to a special place”. Und er hat für den Toast die Roggen Roll-Frühstücksfragen beantwortet, aber die gibt es erst am Dienstag.

Hier ist seine MySpace-Seite zum vorher mal reinlauschen:

Und dann gibt es noch dieses hier in der Sendung: Eine BBC-Session von 2008 mit den Young Knives (die den Sinn von Zugaben erklären), die erste argentinische Band wird in im Toast gespielt (und auch die tolle russische Surfband vom vorletzen Mal ist wieder dabei), es gibt den Dienstags Disco Knaller (diesmal von Dan Hartman), Cherry But No Cake (Interview auf dieser Seite!), die neue Single von Me My Head (super!) und natürlich wieder einen Fall-Song.

Interview mit Cherry But No Cake

Mittwoch, März 4th, 2009

Letztes Jahr haben Cherry But No Cake ihr Album “Human Frailties” veröffentlicht. Viele Songs liefen hier schon bei Toast ON Fire und es werden sicher noch mehr werden. Ein schöner Grund, mal zu schauen, wer diese Kirschen sind, woher sie kommen und ob sie Kuchen mögen.


Who and where are you?

Sebastian: I’m Sebastian Durkin drummer for Cherry But No Cake, currently situated in London.

Chris: I’m Chris, I moved here (London) almost 10 years ago from Paris.


How would you describe your music?

Sebastian: Like a war on nice. Its loud and abrasive but with a sense of humor. It was, and still is always important not to take ourselves too seriously. Obviously you want to take the music seriously and be passionate about what you do, but without disappearing into your own arsehole… we like to have fun at the same time as writing good songs.

Chris: Well, it depends on the mood we’re in (or the mood I’m in most of the time). Loud and melodic, often melancholic, sometimes dark. There aren’t any musical boundaries, so we play 5 minutes instrumental heavy rock songs as well as short twisted pop ones. I like the idea of musical freedom, whether listening to or playing music. I love Shellac and the Melvins but also Built to Spill and Pavement. Sometimes we end up in the middle, other times in a specific corner. Add a sense of humor, and there you go! I like well arranged songs, so we always try to work in that direction.


How much you are involve in music? Do you have to do a day job at a petrol station?

Sebastian: Fortunately not, I’m actually lucky enough to work in a recording studio. I make a lot of tea and coffee and flirt relentlessly with clients. Unsurprisingly I like a music a quite a bit, so its great to be surrounded by musicians constantly.

Chris: I do have a demanding job, but I’m lucky enough to be able to schedule my own working hours, so I can make time for music. I’m a restaurant manager, so there’s absolutely no connection with music, although I do have to endure hearing shit tunes at work all the time! hahaha!
Most important, my job is secondary in my mind. So if it becomes necessary, I’ll quit (again).


What is the reality of being in a band?

Sebastian: That you end up hating your friends because you never meet their ambitious requirements. Ha. Not really I guess the reality is that its hard plain and simple, I can only speak from the perspective of somebody that’s been in bands in London but it’s a big city and there is
a lot of competition. It’s also very fractured in terms of a sense of musical community. We’re trying to put that right though.

Chris: It’s a constant compromise, on a human level anyway. I’ll always be demanding with Seb and Dom in regards to what I’d like us to achieve, but I also want to maintain a healthy balance between love and hate! Hahaha! Fortunately, we’re all good friends, Seb and I even live together, he’s a bit like my little brother. I guess we’ve learned to know each other and found a way to keep a fair amount of harmony in the band. Above all, I think we’re determined to keep going, and are pretty happy with what we’ve achieved so far (not much but it’s there).
I couldn’t play in a band just for the sake of it. We must share a certain musical mindset. Seb and I are pretty much surfing on the same wave. It’s utterly important to endorse a common state of mind.


You live in London, does this influence your music and lifestyle?

Sebastian: I think that ultimately a person’s surroundings are always conducive to their creative output. On a basic level things like the cost of living or the weather always make a difference to your mood and immediate environment, but in a greater sense the subtle or less obvious elements of living in a city like this have a huge impact. Chance encounters with French men for instance have influenced ‘my’ music and lifestyle greatly.

Chris: Not really. Music is a way of dealing with an overflow of emotions in my case, so I just sit at home with my guitar, smokes, whisky, and try to let some shot come out. Basically.I think I’d write the same songs living anywhere else.


Are there any bands from your area you can recommend?

Sebastian: Roll Call For The Second Site, Yokozuna, Bo Ningen, One Unique Signal, The Lakes, You Me The Switch, The Cathode Ray Syndrome, The Jesus Knives.

Chris: On top of those above, hmmmm… Jedathan, Conmungos, Ntwin, Hypos, Danisco for beauty, Shub!


Please tell us something about the Theremin and the story behind why do you use it in your music.

Chris: I love that shit! I love fucking around with sound in general, but being the only guitarist and main vocalist I have little time to raise hell with my thermin and other shit. I’d love to though! So we’re about to write some songs with 2 drummers and another guitarist. So I can really have fun with my toys!


How can I get your CD if I live in Germany?

Sebastian: Come to London and buy it! Or send us an amazing picture that we will cherish forever and we’ll send and album back.

Chris: Well, you can send us some money through paypal, or send us a cheque. It’s only £5. But hopefully, we’ll soon come to visit you guys.


What was the last CD you bought?

Sebastian: Not sure it’s been a while ummmmm, I think it was a ‘Wire’ album.

Chris: It’s been a while. We usually trade Cd’s with bands we play with. I bought Humanfly’s LP when we saw them a few months ago. Good stuff!
And I just got hold of Yokozuna ‘s “Rare Nurse” EP. great shit!!!!!!! I love them.


What is your favourite cake? Do you have a favourite frosting on a cake?

Sebastian: I particularly like Carrot Cake, its odd because its primary ingredient is a vegetable. How many other cakes are made from vegetables? To get back to carrot cake… it has the best frosting ever – Cream Cheese.

Chris: I like pear and chocolate tart a lot. And raspberry stuff.

Attacke der Killerkirschen!

Playlist 03.03.2009

Dienstag, März 3rd, 2009

1. Stunde
Wendy Rene – After Laughter Comes Tears
Animal Collective – My Girls
Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Emil & Friends Rework)
Emil & Friends – Electric Feel
Found – The Very Fabric
Spoon – Don’t You Evah
Roy Shiels – Denial
Glasvegas – The Prettiest Thing On Saltcoats Beach
Mercury Rev – Butterfly’s Wings
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – Meet Me In The Garden
The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain – Miss Dy-na-mi-tee

2. Stunde
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Mohair Sam
Lil Flip – Game Over (Dave Wrangler Remix)
The Fall – The Man Whose Head Expanded
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Hey Paul
Friendly Rich & Lollipop People – Gentlemen’s Club
Delhi 2 Dublin – Dreaming (Adham Shaikh’s Dreaming in 4D Remix)
The Fire Escapes – Fire Bird
Lynsey de Paul – Sugar Me
Boy Division – Love Cats
The Appleseed Cast – As The Little Things Go
The Bucketheads – The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Kenny Dope Remix)
Chicago – Street Player
Eh! – Una Dificil Relacion Con El Mundo

3. Stunde
The Helmholtz Resonators – Choc Full’o Chix

       Morgenminimixtape von Carlton Breezy
       von The Helmholtz Resonators
       Thema: “Racing Cars”

       Kraftwerk – Autobahn
       Cake – Going The Distance
       Beach Boys – The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
       Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car
       Beatles – Drive My Car

The Helmholtz Resonators – Itty Bitty Spiders
The Q – Through Your Eyes (04.03., Hafenklang)
Thieves In Suits – Boy Malicious

Vorschau 03.03.2009

Montag, März 2nd, 2009

Mixtape von den Helmholtz Resonators

Letzte Woche gab es eine fantastische BBC-Session von ihnen zu hören und diese Woche haben sie uns das Morgenminimixtape compiliert: Die Helmholtz Resonators. Carlton Breezy von der Band hat uns eine seiner Leidenschaften enthüllt und damit auch das Motto des Mixtapes gewählt: Racing Cars. Und in diesem sehr abwechlungsreichem und oktanhaltigem Mix werden wir den längsten Song hören, der je in dieser Sendung gespielt wurde. Hm, welcher Song könnte das wohl sein…? Die Auflösung gibt es Dienstag, kurz nach 8 Uhr.

Webseite der Band: